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The benefits of using a credit card.


It’s 2023 – if you want to buy the thing, you have many ways to pay for the thing. But given all the benefits that come with using a credit card, we think there’s no better way to pay (obvi).

What’s so great about credit cards?

There’s a lot that’s great about them.

On the surface, credit cards are compact and sleek (especially ours), but there’s more beneath the surface.

And we’re not just saying that because we’re a credit card company. When it comes to your financial goals, a credit card can play a pretty big role in how you reach them. And, they give you some added reassurance when you shop.



 Building your credit history. 

Using your credit card responsibly can reward you in the future. By consistently making at least the minimum payment on time each month, you’re building toward a strong credit score. Your credit score is one of the factors lenders take into consideration when deciding whether or not to extend you credit.


 Rewarding credit. 

It’s always nice to get something extra when you shop. Many credit cards offer reward points or cash back that can help offset the cost of your purchases. You can redeem points for things like travel, gift cards or statement credits. It all depends on the credit card you choose, and the type of rewards you want.


 Shopping and travelling with confidence. 

Some credit cards offer additional benefits on your purchases and travel. For example, your Capital One credit card comes with Price Protection Service, Baggage Delay and Zero Liability Protection. Conditions and limitations apply. Check out our credit cards to learn more.


 Managing your finances. 

Most credit cards come with digital tools to help you keep track of your spending. As a Capital One customer, you get access to our mobile app, which gives you a real-time view of your account including balance information and available credit. You can also sign up for alerts that notify you when a payment is due.


 Shopping that’s easy and speedy. 

You may not like the crowds at malls, or maybe you’re short on time. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, a credit card gives you more ways to shop.



We could talk about credit cards all day. But if you still have any hesitation about using one, we explain how they can have a positive impact on your finances in these blog posts.

Interested in applying for a credit card, but unsure if you’ll be approved? Try Quick Check, our credit card eligibility checker, and find out if you’ll be approved for our credit card, before you apply. Conditions and limitations apply.

* If Quick Check pre-approves a card, you can be 100% sure we’ll approve your application as long as:

a. There’s been no change in your credit file information, personal information or financial status from the time you receive your Quick Check results to the time you apply for one of our credit cards;

b. You’re at least the age of majority in the province or territory you live in;

c. Your application isn’t flagged for fraud prevention;

d. You don’t have an existing Capital One account; and

e. You haven’t applied for a Capital One account in the last 30 days or had an account with us that was not in good standing in the last year. In good standing means not past due, over limit, fraudulent, restricted, or part of a consumer credit counselling program or bankruptcy.

In some cases, we may not be able to open an account for you even though your application was approved. This can happen if we’re unable to verify your identity, or you don’t provide the required security funds if you’re approved for a Secured Mastercard®.