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Tell us the good stuff: Managing credit.


A credit card can give you access to funds when you need them. When used responsibly – and consistently – they can help you build your credit.

But with the right tools, a credit card can help you achieve even more.


“At Capital One, we strive to encourage good financial outcomes for all Canadians. When people have equal access to services, tools and resources – including guidance and positive support – then the system succeeds,” says Patrick Ens, President of Capital One Canada.


Capital One customers share how our tools have supported them on their way to gaining control of their credit.



“Love the app. Just what I needed. The card works like it should and it’s easy to track with the app and check my credit score.”



“Great! Easy to use – alerts are immediate! Payments and statements at your fingertips with the app! Love it!”



“I set up my account about a year ago and I am quite satisfied with the card. I do appreciate the added feature of watching my credit score on the app.”



“Got the card two months ago and really enjoy all of the features. Email reminders and the app are the best.”


Looking for a way to keep an eye on your Capital One account?

Download our mobile app so you can:

  • View recent transactions

  • Check your balance and available credit

  • See payment due dates and minimum payment required

  • View your credit card rewards balance (if applicable)


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