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Limitless possibilities: How to rid yourself of limiting beliefs.

What’s a limiting belief?

Coach Carey, 3X-certified life coach, defines a limiting belief as “a state of mind or judgement about your life that restricts you in some way.” She says, “everyone has limiting beliefs, and when you start to reflect and identify what those beliefs are, you can help break up that cycle and challenge it.”

“I can do it!”

Do you have a limiting belief? Could it be preventing you from reaching your financial goals?

Coach Carey says that limiting beliefs run deeper than what you simply believe you “can’t do”. For example, are you afraid to apply for a particular job because you feel you don’t have the “preferred qualifications”? What if you applied anyway? Better yet, what if you set out to fill any gaps in your skillset through online courses, some of which may even be free?

Grab a pen and paper.

The key is to identify your limiting beliefs.

lock“Write them down and let them live somewhere else. Is there evidence that backs up your limiting belief? Is there evidence that doesn’t? Separate the ‘truths’ from the opinions!”

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Sometimes, the only thing holding us back is the fear of failure. By digging deep, and pulling out those fears by their roots, we can create fertile ground for greater possibilities to grow.