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Is 700 a good or bad credit score?

Credit scores give lenders a picture of your credit health. They range between 300 and 900, and credit reporting agencies typically categorize them as poor, fair, good, very good or excellent.

According to Equifax, one of the major reporting agencies in Canada, a 700 credit score, or anything between 660 and 724, is good. It falls in the middle of the credit scale, and shows that you’re exercising good credit habits. Nice work!

So what’s next? Keep doing what you’re doing. You can keep track of your progress with a credit score monitoring tool. Read on to find out what might be holding you back from a very good or excellent credit score.

Improving your credit score

Equifax suggests reviewing your credit report to highlight potential marks against your score, such as fraud and identity theft, and any unpaid balances. Keep in mind that if you have past-due accounts in collections, they’ll remain on your report for a period of six years, even if they’ve been cleared.

In addition, make sure you’re meeting your payment obligations on more than just your loans and credit cards. Late payments on all kinds of recurring bills including your phone, internet, utilities and streaming services can also impact your score. Setting up automatic payments for these can help you pay your bills on time.

Find yourself in a different credit range?

Check out what it means to have a credit score of 580 to 669, and what it means if it’s less than that.

* The credit score and report information by Credit Keeper is intended for educational purposes only. Lenders and other commercial users may use a different type of credit score and other information when making credit decisions.

Credit Keeper is a service offered by Capital One and is powered by credit information provided by TransUnion. Availability may vary depending on our ability to verify your identity and obtain your information from TransUnion. Credit Keeper might be unavailable to some Quebec residents.