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2023 Rewind: Capital One Canada.

A toast to 2023! It was a year when everyone got into AI, got over X (R.I.P. Twitter) and started letting off some of that pent-up pandemic wanderlust.

When we take a look back at a year in the life of our Capital One Canada cardholders, we can see that even though people were ready to have a little more fun (going out and travelling were back!), the majority of transactions covered essentials like gas and groceries. According to a 2023 survey commissioned by Capital One Canada1, 70% of Canadians contacted said they were cutting back on non-essential purchases this year.

Check out some of the other ways Capital One Canada cardholders made transactions this year in our inaugural Rewind: 2023 Edition. (Results based on data from Capital One Canada accounts between January 1, 2023, and September 19, 2023.)

Hey big spenders

Which province made the most transactions in 2023? It might not surprise you that the most populated provinces also used their cards the most.

Most transactions in 2023 by province

1. Ontario
2. Quebec
3. British Columbia

However, if you’re betting on where the most transactions per account came from, go West.

Most transactions per account in 2023

1. British Columbia
2. Alberta
3. Yukon Territory

Don’t spend it all in one place

The roaring ’20s? Not so much. Canadians used their Capital One credit cards the most on essentials like groceries, internet and gas. Not to mention a whole lot of coffee – the top three fast-food vendors were all popular coffee stops. That’s an essential, right?

Where Canadian cardholders spent the most in 2023

1. Grocery stores
2. Online purchases2
3. Restaurants
4. Wholesale stores
5. Gas stations

You’ll notice that order gets shaken up a bit when we look at where Canadians made the most frequent transactions, with quick zips to fast-food joints outpacing trips to the grocery store overall.

Where Canadian cardholders made the most transactions in 2023

1. Fast food
2. Grocery stores
3. Online purchases2
4. Restaurants
5. Gas stations

While the most transactions were made at fast-food spots nationwide, grocery stores were a very close second. Six provinces used their Capital One cards most frequently for fast food while seven provinces and territories used their cards most for groceries.


Did you know?: Families spend an average of $2,841 on groceries per child per year3. Looking to save a buck or two? Try these grocery shopping tips.

Home and away

In 2023, Canadians hit destination cities and sun-baked tourist favourites alike at home and abroad.

Where Canadians flew most at home in 2023

1. Toronto
2. Vancouver
3. Calgary
4. Montreal
5. Edmonton

Where Canadians flew most abroad in 2023

1. London, U.K.
2. Orlando, U.S.
3. Los Angeles, U.S.
4. Las Vegas, U.S.
5. Fort Lauderdale, U.S.

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Was life less expensive in 2022?

Despite inflation and the cost of living, Capital One cardholders actually spent less on some, but not all, key expenses in 2023 than they did in 20224.

Where we spent less

  • • Groceries

    • Fuel

    • Travel agencies

    • Child care

Where we spent more

  • • Restaurants

    • Vehicular supplies and repairs

    • Tourist attractions

    • Veterinarian services

    • Utilities

Did you know?: Fifty-seven percent of Canadian parents surveyed say the cost of having kids stresses them out3. Getting ready for one more? We can help you budget for a baby.

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Capital One Canada commissioned an online omnibus survey through Leger. Leger fielded an online survey of 1,500 adults across Canada in June 2023.

2 Online purchases consist of online credit card transactions including, but not limited to, online shopping, internet providers and online payment systems.

Capital One Canada commissioned an online omnibus survey through Leger. Leger fielded an online survey of 1,500 adults across Canada in July 2023.

Results based on data from Capital One Canada accounts between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, compared with data collected between January 1, 2023, and September 19, 2023.

* If a card is recommended to you by Quick Check, you can be 100% sure you’ll be approved when you apply as long as:

a. There’s been no change in your credit file information, personal information or financial status from the time you receive your Quick Check results to the time you apply for one of our credit cards;

b. You’re at least the age of majority in the province or territory you live in;

c. Your application isn’t flagged for fraud prevention;

d. You don’t have an existing Capital One account; and

e. You haven’t applied for a Capital One account in the last 30 days or had an account with us that was not in good standing in the last year. In good standing means not past due, over limit, fraudulent, restricted, or part of a consumer credit counselling program or bankruptcy.

In some cases, we may not be able to open an account for you even though your application was approved. This can happen if we’re unable to verify your identity, or you don’t provide the required security funds if you’re approved for a Secured Mastercard®.