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Money-saving tips from our people.

We love a good money-saving tip, so we recently asked a few associates to share theirs.

Paper towel preservation.

This associate knows the value of an extra absorbent paper towel.

“Whenever I use paper towels after washing fruits and vegetables, I let them dry up and keep them for other uses (for cleaning/housework).”

Stocking savings.

When your cupboards start looking like they’re sponsored by your favourite brands.

“I definitely love a good stockpile. If I see something on sale that I don’t like spending money on (i.e., shampoo, hand soap, laundry detergent, etc.), I’ll buy multiples. My cupboards can start to look like something out of a strange reality show – but it helps me save a buck!”

More bang for your cup.

This associate knows how to save on the go.

“I always ask for my medium coffee in a large cup – a creative way to get a little extra coffee and a better bang for your buck.”

Sharing is saving.

A friend you can split a meal with is a friend you want to keep.

“I split stuff with a friend of mine – so we'll buy a value pack of something, split the items, and save the money. A bakery we like has a buy one, get one free special, so we split on that too.”

Are you going to wear that?

You might want to hide your favourite old T-shirt from this associate.

“I like to take old, unwearable T-shirts, cut them up into easily foldable squares and turn them into cleaning rags so I’m not overusing paper towels. It’s also nice to find another use for something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.”

Hearing about the little things people do to save money is always entertaining. So if you have a money-saving tip, share it with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We want to hear from you!