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Caleb’s story

"Credit cards are a necessary tool to help build credit, and they provide value for getting big purchase items like cars or even houses,” says Capital One customer Caleb. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Caleb, a full-time Customer Service Representative, spouse and parent to three daughters, knows it’s important to stay on top of your finances — and that includes maintaining a good credit score. His financial mantra is: “don’t spend more than you make,” and he tends to use credit cards for important things, like emergencies and big purchases, like vacations.

Caleb loves Capital One because we give “second chances” to those with lower credit scores, which is something that he can relate to. He’s been managing his finances well and has helped build credit by using his Capital One credit card responsibly. In fact, he and his partner recently purchased a new home for their family in the GTA. That’s no small feat, especially in today’s real estate market.

We believe in Caleb and look forward to seeing what else he can accomplish. His next goal? Tapping into his entrepreneurial spirit and starting a small business with his family. It’ll take a lot of hard work and maybe a few sacrifices. But, if anyone can do it, we know Caleb can.

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