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June’s story

Following a divorce and a long-term medical leave, June was forced to file for bankruptcy. It’s in moments like these when we truly need someone in our corner. After all, sometimes, all it takes is someone to believe in us. 

June needed a change of scenery, so she moved from the US to British Columbia with her adult sons and her puppy. Family dinners and BC’s great outdoors helped her heal and gain hope for her next chapter. But, June also needed some help to start her next financial chapter.  

She needed to rebuild her credit score. She tried to get a credit card but was met with rejection, until she came to us at Capital One. We believe people deserve the opportunity to get back on their feet, so we helped her out by approving her for a credit card.  

Now, with features like Credit Keeper®, she's keeping an eye on her credit score for free. In fact, it’s helped her stay on top of her finances. You've got this, June. And we've got you.

To learn more about how Capital One can help you on your financial journey, check out some tips here