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Home sweet vacation (on a budget).

Sunscreen, body spray — drench yourself in all things coconut, close your eyes and let your senses take you away to the last beach you visited (or saw on a screen).

2. Gather your gear without splurging.

Sunnies? Check. Flip-flops? Check. Obligatory white linen shirt? Might need an upgrade. If you haven’t reallocated your 2020 vacation fund, or you have some extra space in your budget, give yourself permission to shop for a few summer staples that’ll help you create the most likeable selfies for your social feed.

3. Set up your relaxation station without spending too much.

Create a DIY, boho lounge zone with any blankets and pillows you can find in your linen closet. The less matchy-matchy, the better. If you have a tent, you can place your blankets and pillows in there, along with outdoor lighting from the holidays or inexpensive lanterns.

4. Pick your soundtrack.

The key to the perfect staycation is setting the right mood. Create a playlist of your favourite tunes and unwind to the sound of a good beat — just make sure you don’t include anything over 128 bpm. You’ll want to save the dubstep for another time.

5. Go all-inclusive (without the all-inclusive budget).

You shouldn’t have to cook on your staycation. Order in, or meal prep in advance, so you can easily pop your entrées onto the BBQ.

6. Make a splash (even a small one)!

We’re not saying you need a salt-water pool to soak up the good vibes (but if you have one, sweet!). Got a kiddie pool folded up somewhere? Blow it up! A sprinkler system? Turn it on! Balloons? Fill those babies up with water!

7. Toss the water bottle and lounge luxuriously.

If you’re going to cool off with a refreshing beverage, don’t forget about the presentation. Sip water from a glass instead, and make sure it’s adorned with a mini umbrella at all times. A paper straw will help elevate things too.

8. Give yourself the spa treatment.

No vacation is complete without a little pampering. Put on a sheet mask, brew some iced tea, and flip to the spa sounds channel on your streaming service for the ultimate relaxation experience. And if you can train your dog to walk on your back, you’ve just upgraded your package to include a light massage.