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Guitar lesson in progress.

There’s nothing like a moody coffee shop acoustic version of your favourite top 40 hit (cute!). Or sitting by a campfire while a family member struggles through a classic guitar solo for the first time (not so cute).

With so little to do these days, air guitar can only bring so much satisfaction. The pandemic has driven many to find new hobbies to fill their time, and learning to play guitar has emerged as a popular activity among Canadians.

Music stores are brimming with eager newbies. Someone close to one of our team members describes a recent visit to a guitar store.

“As he handed me a large stack of cash, the owner said, ‘Here, I sold some of your pedals.’ They’d sold for more than what I’d originally paid for them, but I wasn’t going to argue. As it turns out, people are using their new found free time to discover some hidden musical talent they never knew they had.”

But what’s even more interesting is how easy it is to pick up a new skill these days. With the arrival of apps that teach you how to play an instrument or help you learn a new language, you can turn your living room into a studio or classroom, often for a nominal monthly fee. As long as you have a credit card and smartphone, you can take the first step toward becoming a multilingual virtuoso.

But what if you lose interest?

It’s completely normal to want to abandon a new hobby. After all, you’re human, and there’s nothing wrong with exploring your interests, especially with the additional time you may have. 

And considering how low some of these subscription fees are, it might seem like an easy decision to hit the “subscribe now” button after you’ve downloaded an app – maybe too easy. 

So if you decide to keep your day job, just remember to unsubscribe to any app you’re not using. The fees can add up, and you don’t need a reminder of old hobbies appearing on your bill.

Don’t think you’ll remember to unsubscribe? We suggest taking a look at your subscriptions, cancelling any you’re not using, and putting a reminder in your calendar to review the ones you’re keeping, before they renew.