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Dollar store savings hacks that just make sense.

Those high totals at the grocery store checkout line can make anyone wince. So shoppers are choosing less conventional ways to save a buck.

Dollar stores are becoming a more popular destination for essentials and more, and it’s not surprising when you consider the current cost of living (it makes us wince too).

So, what’s the big deal? We found a few, and we’re not gatekeeping.

On your next visit to your local dollar store, browse the aisles we’ve highlighted below. You might find considerable savings on quality goods – yes, we said quality – because much of the selection is virtually identical to what’s available at traditional stores.


Home organization

A refrigerator neatly stocked with produce in clear containers? A dedicated play area with toys sorted by activity?

The next time you’re feeling the urge for some influencer-worthy home hacks, visit the dollar store! They offer a wide range of solutions for your super compartmentalized home.

What we love:

  • Structured fabric storage baskets in neutral colours – they look stylish on bookshelves (while keeping the milieu of wires and doodads out of plain sight).

  • Jars with customizable labels – great for storing pantry items like legumes and pasta.



Cleaning supplies

When everything’s in its place, you can move on to polishing. The dollar store carries a wide range of cleaning solutions and supplies at affordable prices. So while you’re wiping away that dust, don’t dust away those dollars!

What we love:

  • Large, brand-name cleaning solution refills – you can purchase empty spray bottles and fill them as needed.

  • Reusable microfibre cloths – better for the environment than disposable paper towels (and cheaper in the long run).


Party supplies

’90s karaoke dance party. Superhero unicorn sleepover. Dollar store party aisles can bring the wildest – and most obscure – party ideas to life. You just need a little imagination!

What we love:

  • Kids’ party favours for $5 and under – you’ll find shelves upon shelves of affordable stickers, toys, books and more!

  • Glow sticks – don’t let the beat drop without that fluorescent glow between your fingers.



If noshing on treats is one of your favourite hobbies (we can relate), the dollar store can satisfy your cravings with a huge assortment of tasty goodies. And we’re talking brand name, too. Plus, you’ll find pantry staples like canned goods to help ease the burden of high grocery prices.

What we love:

  • Four-pack chocolate bars – they can amount to less than $1 per unit.

  • School-safe snacks – great for kids’ lunches. Check for the peanut-free logo.


Home decor

Into DIY? Got an eye for turning shabby knick-knacks into chic baubles? Whether your design aesthetic is japandi, maximalist or somewhere in-between, the dollar store has all the supplies to help you achieve a space that’s all your own.

What we love:

  • Picture frames – great if you have big aspirations for a pin-worthy gallery wall. You’ll find a pretty decent collection in various sizes.

  • Light bulbs – good lighting is the perfect finishing touch to any well-designed space. Bulbs typically go for a fraction of what hardware stores charge.


Seasonal goods

Seasonal items are just that: seasonal. Investing a lot in something that won’t see the light of day for the greater part of the year may not be the wisest choice.

Instead, supplement your seasonal collection with trinkets from the dollar store. You’ll get a chance to stock up early – seasonal items can hit shelves months in advance.

What we love:

  • 3-D wreath form – to use as a base for your very own custom door wreath.

  • Seasonal accessories like bunny ears and Santa hats to get you in the spirit.

Tip: Dollar stores may not always have the best deals on everything. When doing a dollar-for-dollar comparison, be sure to look at the unit price before buying into a low sticker price.

Turning loonies into long-term savings

Canadians are facing the harsh realities of high inflation and stagnant growth. We can’t do much about changes in the economy, but we can change how we approach spending and saving.

For more tips, read about how to save big by living small.

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