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Survey: Canadians find comfort in predictability.

You’re at your favourite restaurant and it's time to make a decision — will you go for the usual pizza or something different? Your dinner date settled on pasta a few moments ago, so the pressure’s on. You ask about the featured items again, then ask for suggestions … again. Finally, you go for the margherita pizza.

It’s not surprising that Canadians reach for their comfort foods in uncertain times.

According to a survey we conducted, 61% of Canadians like reordering the same food at restaurants1.

Is this because we’re creatures of habit? Or is there more to it?

It might have to do with control — of those surveyed, 77% prefer having control over situations, and 83% report feeling relief when they know how situations are going to turn out.

Most Canadians agree that life’s hardest moments are often filled with uncertainty. In challenging times, it’s natural that we seek out the familiar. The usual menu item may be predictable, but it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll enjoy your meal.

What if you could find certainty in a credit card application?

The application process can also bring about feelings of stress – 28% of Canadians surveyed said they felt uncertain about whether their credit card application would be approved. We asked Coach Carey, 3X certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, how she feels about the uncertainty of life. Here's what she had to say:


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know how life’s moments turn out? Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. Work, relationships, money and credit can all be sources of stress and anxiety.


With certainty comes relief.

Our free credit card eligibility checker can give you a sense of control over applying for a card and relief about what the outcome will be. Coach Carey goes on to say:


It’s no secret that money, credit and finances, in general, can create a lot of anxiety for people ... myself included! One of the most stressful parts of credit applications can be the uncertainty of being approved.


For more inspiration from Coach Carey, visit her website and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Applying with confidence.

Before you apply for a Capital One credit card, we recommend using Quick Check to find out which card you’ll be approved for without impacting your score. Fill out the online form, and know with 100% certainty which cards you could get2.

We may not be able to create certainty around every aspect of your life, but we hope we can give you some clarity when it comes to applying for a credit card. Like your usual order at your favourite restaurant, it’s nice to know how things will turn out.

About the survey: FleishmanHillard True Global Intelligence fielded an online survey in May and June 2021 on behalf of Capital One. The survey included 1,001 participants to understand the feelings consumers experienced relating to a range of topics, including COVID-19, finances, lifestyle and entertainment. Respondents were also asked about how the uncertainty of credit card applications can cause stress.

You’ll be approved for the credit card recommended to you by Quick Check, as long as: 

a.  There’s been no change in your credit file information, personal information or financial status from the time you receive your Quick Check results to the time you apply for one of our credit cards;
b.  You’re at least the age of majority in the province or territory you live in;
c.  Your application isn’t flagged for fraud prevention;
d.  You don’t have an existing Capital One account; and
e.  You haven’t applied for a Capital One account in the last 30 days or had an account with us that was not in good standing in the last year. In good standing means not past due, over limit, fraudulent, restricted, or part of a consumer credit counselling program or bankruptcy.