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The minimalist’s guide to help you maximize your money.

We all love a well-organized space – where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.

What if you applied that philosophy to your finances?

Our suite of handy digital tools can help you simplify the way you manage your money. With features designed for people (not robots), you can keep track of your Capital One account as easily as the spices in your perfectly labeled spice drawer.

Quickly find what you need.

Say goodbye to paper statements cluttering your shiny kitchen counter, or wasting time deciding whether to file or toss older statements. By managing your account from your phone, you can get the features you need right at your fingertips. Out of sight – but top of mind.


Access current account details any time, anywhere.

A bank branch may have service hours, but your account is always on. If you need to access your credit card balance ASAP, our mobile app gives you a quick view of your available credit and pending transactions.



Manage your account on your terms.

What does managing your finances mean to you? Maybe it’s tracking your spending, staying on top of payments or updating personal details without having to be placed in a phone queue. By signing in to our app, you can easily view recent transactions, turn on purchase and payment notifications, and access past statements that you can download for future reference.



Keep your account safe.

Our mobile app allows you to feel secure while you manage your account. Using biometric technology (oooh, fancy), you can securely sign in to your account with your fingerprint. When logging in, we suggest wearing a long, shiny leather jacket and sunglasses like you’re in a dystopian science fiction movie for added effect.